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Tournament Rules and Expectations

Battle at the Stable Tournament Rules and Expectations

  • Team must provide USAH roster upon registration for Battle at the Stable tournaments.

  • Teams must check in at the Tournament Registration Table at minimum 45 minutes prior to the start of their first game. Each team must provide a copy of their certified USA HOCKEY roster and 3 roster stickers per game played during the tournament.  

  • All games will be played in accordance with USA Hockey playing rules.

  • Teams will be responsible for any damages or littering to locker rooms or any other arena facilities.

  • Teams are responsible for providing a parent volunteer to run their penalty box.

  • Home team has the option to wear light colors and visitors will wear contrasting colors.

  • If games are ahead of schedule, teams may be called up to 15 minutes early and must be ready to play.

  • The tournament director has the authority to switch to run time or change the ice-resurfacing schedule to best accommodate the overall tournament schedule.  

  • No protests will be allowed.

  • All players are required to wear complete equipment. Helmets must be worn at all times on the bench and ice.

  • Spectators are encouraged to enjoy the game and cheer their team on but remember to refrain from any profanity, abusive or obscene language or gestures directed to any spectator, player, official or coach. No noisemakers of any kind. Violators may be asked to leave the Arena for the remainder of the tournament.


Round Robin / Bracket Event Rules

  • 3 – 12 minute stop time periods (Squirt and PeeWee) or 3 – 15 minute stop time periods (Bantam)

  • 3 minute warm up period

  • 1:00 minute break between periods

  • If a team is ahead by 6 goals, running time will begin. Running time will continue until the goal differential is down to 4.

  • Each team is permitted 1, one-minute time-out per game

  • The Referee(s) is in charge of the game and the ice arena. The Referee(s) decisions are final. There are NO protests. The game is completed and certified with the Referee(s) signature on the score sheet.

  • Players are allowed 4 penalties per game. Upon receiving a fifth penalty, the player will be ejected for the remainder of the game.

  • USA Hockey rules will be used when assessing penalties. 2:00 minute minors, 5:00 minute majors, 10:00 minute misconducts.

  • Game Misconduct Penalties: The player or coach assessed this penalty will serve the required suspension(s). If that team has a tournament game left to play, that game will be considered their next scheduled game.

  • Match Penalties: Any player or coach assessed this penalty will be suspended from further tournament play.

  • Overtime – There will be no overtime for Pool Play games.

  • Scoring Format for Round Robin games:    

    • 2 points for win     

    • 1 points for tie

    • 0 points for loss

  • Tie Breaker for teams with identical point totals after Round Robin

  • Head to Head Competition (if a 3 way tie this tie breaker is skipped)    

    • Most Wins

    • Fewest goals against

    • Fewest total penalty minutes – Game misconduct and match penalties count as 10 minutes.

    • Coin Flip

  • Tie Breaker for finals games (if applicable)    

    • 5 minute runtime 4-on-4 sudden death overtime

    • 3 player shootout (players serving a penalty at end of OT are ineligible)

    • Sudden death shootout (start with new players from 3 player shootout, all players except goalies must shoot before someone repeats)

Battle at The Stable – 8U Mites

1)    Registration & Fees:

  1. Registration deadline is January 2, 2020

  2. Additional teams may be accepted as approved by the tournament director based on ice availability.

  3. Entry fees are $475 for each team.  Admission is free for all spectators.

  4. To apply for the tournament a team must complete the online application and submit payment. Payment by credit card at time of registration is preferred, or you may mail a check payable to RoughRiders Hockey Club Cedar Rapids, but online registration is still required.

  1. Once a team is accepted into the Jamboree no refunds will be provided.  Un-cashed checks will be returned and credit card charges will be credited to the account charged for any team that is not accepted.

2)    General Jamboree Format and Rules:

  1. USA Hockey ADM rules regarding 8-Under will apply. Cross ice games will boards, not border patrols.

  2. All players, coaches, and managers must be registered with USA Hockey for the current season to be eligible for Jamboree. This will be following registration.

  3. The Jamboree committee will enforce the USA Hockey zero tolerance policy for spectators, parents, coaches and players. Anyone who violates these principles will be removed from the tournament.

  4. Protests will not be allowed for any reason. The intent of this jamboree is to promote good sportsmanship and fun.

  5. Travel permits will be required and checked for all teams from an affiliate requiring travel permits (and all non-US teams).

  6. There are no uniform color requirements. We recommend bringing both home and away jerseys if available.

3)    Intermediate & Advanced Game Format:

  1. All games shall be half ice and be 30 minutes long (includes 4-minute warm-up).

  2. Play will be 4v4 plus a Goalie.

  3. Intermediate or regular size nets will be used for all games.

  4. The horn will sound every 2 Mins for line changes, with a running clock.

  5. No referees will be provided. Games will be supervised by coaches (1 per team).

  6. There will be a face off to start the game and after all goals.

  7. Blue Game Pucks will be provided.

  8. Only USA Hockey certified coaches and players are allowed on the ice/bench:

  9. Refusal to play scheduled games will result in forfeit. No refund will be given.

4)  Damage to Facilities:

  • The Head Coach, or one of their assistants if they are not available, is totally responsible for the locker room. This responsibility CANNOT be delegated to a parent volunteer or any other individual that is not an assistant coach on the team. Should any player or team willfully damage any property in the facility, all costs for repair or replacement shall be paid by the team concerned. Arrangements for restitution shall be made immediately with the rink management. Any profanity or abusive behavior towards rink personnel will result in ejection from the rink and the tournament.

How Do I Register a Team for a Tournament?

To register for a tournament, click here "Battle of the Stable Tournament Registration" and select your appropriate division. Enter as much team information as you have.

Please print a copy of the registration for your records.

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