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RoughRiders Youth Hockey League (RYHL)

Our goal is to have provide a home for every player regardless of age and ability. Hockey provides an opportunity for our future leaders to learn life-long skills and we as an organization thrive on our opportunity to create good people and players. 

March-April Session Detail!

$60 - RYHL*
$140 - RYHL & IP*

Session Information:

RRHC is anticipating the largest turnout for the RYHL this spring. There will be two groups within the RYHL (Platinum & Gold). 

RYHL - 8U - Mondays, 5:15pm - 6:15pm

RYHL - 10U+ check RYHL calendar for dates and times. Mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

*Early bird registraion through March 4, 2019 for combo for RYHL & IP only $125.
*Late registration fees start March 5, 2019. RYHL - $70 & RYHL/IP $160.

Drop ins will be accepted 30 minutes before the start of the session for $12 (check or exact change). Please bring a dark and white jersey.

RYHL Schedule

Extremely important that once registered for session:

Subscribe to the RYHL Calendar!

Jan-Feb RYHL Goalie Schedule

RYHL Goalies
Day Date 8u 10u+
Monday 1/7/2019 J. McNary (W) Chambers (W)
    Davidson (B) Trask (B)
Monday 1/14/2019 Bass (W) Co. Lowry (B)
    Newlin (B) Lack (W)
Saturday 2/19/2019 Hand (B) Trask (B)
    Dewild (W) Lack (W)
Monday 1/21/2019 DeWild (W) Lack (W)
    Van Arsdale (B) Trask (B)
Monday 1/28/2019 Becwar (W) Lack (W)
    Davidson (B) Krall (B)
Saturday 2/2/2019 Bass (W) Lack (W)
    Hand (B) Knapp (B)
Monday 2/4/2019 Elliot (B) Lack (W)
    Van Arsdale (W) Trask (B)
Saturday  2/9/2019 Davidson (B) Lack (W)
    Newlin (W) Krall (B)
Monday 2/11/2019 Bass (W) Lack (W)
    C. McNary (B) Co. Lowry (B)
Monday 2/18/2019 DeWild (W) Lack (W)
    J. McNary (W) Trask (B)
Saturday 2/23/2019 Van Arsdale (W) Trask (B)
    Elliot (B) Lack (W)

Jan-Feb RYHL Teams

Black White
Alec Brodersen Cody Knapp
Brennan Russell Courtney Chambers
Cade Lowry Dylan Rutherford
Cael Krall Gavin Hove
Collin Trask Henry Lagneaux
Corbin Lowry Isaac Brodersen
Dasan Rutherford John Lorenz
Devon Lack Keegan Phillips
Ellis DeBlois Mitchell Getz
Gus Yelden Morgan Brown
Johnathan  Brodersen Nathan Kozelsky
Logan Axline Parker Ridgway
Phoenix albright Simon Vieira
Sawyer Petersen-Frett Sophie Waldron
SHAWN Knapp  
Black White
Brady Zane Breck Johnson
Caden Baker Drake Becwar
Caleb McNary Eli Kozelsky
Colin Nunez Gavin Hankins
Colt Crabtree Isaac Bass
Cullen Sievert Joel McNary
David Elliott Noah Davidson
Keaton Knebel Reid Stuart
Lincoln DeWild Steven  Van Arsdale
Sawyer Brogan Thomas Hand
Teddington Hand  

Interested in getting the basics for your Youth Hockey Player? Check out our Instructional Program (IP)!

Need Gear? Check out our Loaner Equipment Program.

We have a lot of gently used gear, donated by our players, that still has a lot of life in it... that we'd rather pass on to new families to help defray the cost of participation.

We ask for a $75 deposit, refunded when you return your gear. This can be be paid online, or with check/cash when you come to the arena for your fitting.

Heather or Dustin will contact you within 24 hours of receiving this registration to find a time that best fits your needs.