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RoughRiders Youth Hockey League (RYHL)

Our goal is to have provide a home for every player regardless of age and ability. Hockey provides an opportunity for our future leaders to learn life-long skills and we as an organization thrive on our opportunity to create good people and players. 

RYHL Goalie Schedule

  RYHL Gold RYHL Platinum
2-Apr Remi Cariveau Caden Wurster
  Noah Davidson Corbin Lowry
4-Apr NA Eli Jones
  NA Dasan Rutherford
9-Apr Kaden Nesler Caden Wurster
  Simon Veira Quinn Leland
16-Apr Isaac Bass Roman Carter
  Gavin Frey Corbin Lowry
18-Apr Owen Newlin NA
  Liam Tibbot NA
23-Apr Collin Trask Caden Wurster
  Phoenix Albright ?

RYHL Divisions

Div Color Participant
8u B10 Aidan Straughan
8u W4 Beckham Goetz
8u B Brady Zane
8u B14 Breck Johnson
8u W30 Colt Crabtree
8u B30 Colt Sebring
8U B30 Colton Wurster
8u B Cullen Sievert
8u W18 Dane Koutny
8u W12 Dillon Marske
8u W11 Drake Becwar
8u W14 Eli Kozelsky
8u B20 Gavin Hankins
8u W7 Gavin Sebring
8u B3 Graysen Goetz
8u W10 Keaton Knebel
8u B9 Keaton Moser
8u W Sawyer Brogan
8u B18 Jack  Nimmo
8u W17 Steven  Van Arsdale
8u B11 Jacob Hanak
8u W2 Dante Rodomista
Div Color Participant
10u+ Gold B21 Alec Brodersen
10u+ Gold W20 Alex Governatori
10u+ Gold B1 Caitlyn Meyer
10u+ Gold B Cody Knapp
10u+ Gold W Cole McGregor
10u+ Gold W11 Collin Trask
10u+ Gold B24 Courtney Chambers
10u+ Gold W77 Gavin Frey
10u+ Gold B3 Gavin Hove
10u+ Gold W33 Gus Yelden
10u+ Gold B9 Isaac Bass
10u+ Gold B40 Isaac Brodersen
10u+ Gold W2 Kaden Nesler
10u+ Gold B22 Keegan Phillips
10u+ Gold W23 Kieran Owings
10u+ Gold W10 Liam Tibbott
10u+ Gold W9 Logan Axline
10u+ Gold W3 Maxim Leedom
10u+ Gold W23 Mitchell Getz
10u+ Gold B9 Morgan Brown
10u+ Gold B11 Noah Davidson
10u+ Gold W2 Owen Newlin
10u+ Gold B36 Phoenix albright
10u+ Gold W Remi Cariveau
10u+ Gold B22 Simon Vieira
10u+ Gold B14 Sophie Waldron
Div Color Participant
10u+ Plat W Ben Langerman
10u+ Plat B Cade Lowry
10u+ Plat W Caden Wurster
10u+ Plat W Colin Ferenzi (Frenzy)
10u+ Plat B Colton Frey
10u+ Plat W Conner Morris
10u+ Plat B Corbin Lowry
10u+ Plat W Dasan Rutherford
10u+ Plat B Davis George
10u+ Plat W Dylan Rutherford
10u+ Plat B Eli Jones
10u+ Plat W Jack Miller
10u+ Plat B Jackson Bartlett
10u+ Plat W Johnathan  Brodersen
10u+ Plat B Kellen Leesekamp
10u+ Plat W Kinnick Longhenry
10u+ Plat B Mason Hodny
10u+ Plat B Matthew Burger
10u+ Plat W Nathan Kozelsky
10u+ Plat B Parker Holt
10u+ Plat W Parker Ridgway
10u+ Plat B Quinn Leland
10u+ Plat B Rhys Jones
10u+ Plat W Roman Carter
10u+ Plat W Sawyer Petersen-Frett
10u+ Plat B SHAWN Knapp

May-June Session Detail!

$60 - RYHL*
$120 - RYHL & IP*

Session Information:

The RYHL will be 3v3 pond hockey style play with no goalies. Teams will consist of 5-9 players depending upon registration numbers. Games will take place on Thursdays.

RYHL 3v3 Games: Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm or 7:45pm-8:45pm

*Early bird registraion through April 23, 2019 for combo for RYHL & IP only $105.
*Late registration fees start April 24, 2019. RYHL - $70 & RYHL/IP $135.

Drop ins will be accepted 30 minutes before the start of the session for $12 (check or exact change). Please bring a dark and white jersey.

RYHL Schedule

Extremely important that once registered for session to subscribe to calendar:

RYHL League Schedule

Interested in getting the basics for your Youth Hockey Player? Check out our Instructional Program (IP)!

Need Gear? Check out our Loaner Equipment Program.

We have a lot of gently used gear, donated by our players, that still has a lot of life in it... that we'd rather pass on to new families to help defray the cost of participation.

We ask for a $75 deposit, refunded when you return your gear. This can be be paid online, or with check/cash when you come to the arena for your fitting.

Heather or Dustin will contact you within 24 hours of receiving this registration to find a time that best fits your needs.