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10,000 Puck Touches Challenge

10,000 Puck Touches & 5,000 Shot Challenge

The RoughRiders Hockey Club Cedar Rapids is pleased to announce our player challenge, the 10,000 Touches and 5,000 Shot Challenge!  This challenge is designed to get hockey players improving on their stick-handling skills outside of practice.
Who is eligible?
All registered travel and house league players are eligible to participate.

All 10,000 & 5,000 puck club members will be honored at the end of year banquet!
How do I complete the challenge?
Print the 10,000 touches and 5,000 shot sheet from our website or pick one up at the arena, then watch the youtube videos from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association ( for information on how to correctly perform the different stick-handling skills.  Work on your stick handling skills every day and then check the boxes on the form as you complete each type of skill. All forms must be handed in and completed by March 1st, 2020

How to Perform Touches

Quick Hands

Around Body


Narrow & Wide

Toe Drags