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Black & Green Volunteering Program


The CRHA is a run by a voluntary, unpaid group of people committed to growing hockey in the Cedar Rapids area. These people include Board members, coaching staff, and the handful of individuals who contribute well beyond the norm expected by any individual family. Together we work to provide young athletes with access to good coaching and appropriately-matched competition. When combined with individual skill and drive, such opportunities open doorways that might not otherwise be available.

In an effort to involve more parents in the execution of the travel program, the CRHA Board of Directors set forth a mandatory volunteer program beginning with the 2013-14 season.  Dubbed the “Black and Green” program, the parameters set forth call upon the helpful hands of all parents whose players participate in our travel program. The Black and Green program will involve parents more closely with teams and the operations of the travel program in general.

High Level Description of Volunteer Requirements

Families with one player are required to volunteer 20 hours to the program each season. Families with two or more players are required to volunteer 25 hours to the program. Ten of the required hours should be donated during the the player’s home tournament if possible. Families are responsible for the tracking and reporting of hours served using the online time sheet. A $200 deposit is required at the time of tryout for families with one player; a $250 deposit for families with two or more players. Checks will not be cashed provided the required number of hours are earned by February 20.

Read the overview and commitment form for full details.  The Online Time Sheet is available to capture B&G work hours performed.

Online Time Sheet

Time sheet for recording volunteer hours in support the the CRHA Black & Green Volunteer program