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RRHCCR Core Values

Governing Core Values

RRHC is governed by a Board of Directors, but directed by the Director of Hockey Operations. At all times the BOD and HD are guided by the core values in the decision making processes. We are committed to offering a consistent and valuable experience for every player, every family, and every volunteer.

Community Inclusion

We accept and are inviting to every player regardless of their ability or family situation. It is our goal to give every participant to enjoy hockey while removing barriers such as talent ability and socioeconomic status. From our most skilled athletes, down to our beginners who are experiencing the game for the first time, we believe that our diversity makes us all better by providing opportunity to develop our skills as well as our leadership, compassion, and tolerance.


We want to create an environment that every player, family, coach, and volunteer wants to be a part of. A driving force of growth is our ability to retain every person in pursuit of becoming a model association. This includes proper skill development, a strong family balance, and maintaining our volunteers on our coaching and operations staff through effective communication and teaching.

Long Term Athlete Development

It is our goal to not only create good players today, but to create players and athletes for tomorrow. We provide structured, progressive practice planning, and coach training for every level in our program so that each child’s experience is valuable and consistent. We are committed to providing all kids with a strong, fundamental set of skills and strategies that will prepare them with the ability and confidence to pursue hockey competitively, or recreationally, as they choose.

Creating Leaders Today, for Tomorrow

There is an opportunity raise humble and good athletes within this association and the game of hockey. We want to strive everyday to give our players opportunities to learn and be a leader by teaching them the importance of respect, passion, desire, sportsmanship, commitment, and integrity.


RRHC relies on great coaching, and coaching is a rewarding way positively impact lives of young athletes. We provide training and lesson materials which enable all of our coaches to be successful, so if you have the skill and confidence to lead and encourage kids, then you already have what it takes to be a great coach!